Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Time flies!!

Well!! It has been WAAAAAAAY too long since I have blogged about anything! I have been meaning to post something on here but every time I think about it, the thought exits my head just about the moment it gets in there!! Ha! Anyway, this blog is going to be a bit random because all the pictures have been taken from our iphones,so there are alot of her sleeping and giving her usual "grumpy" look, and, I am not all that great at downloading from them, putting them in separate folders, blah blah blah. . .

So! Baby Leah went to her 2 month check up today and is growing like a weed!! (Although, I must say, her cheeks seem to be growing a little bit faster than the rest of her!) She is now up to a whopping 11 pounds and is 22 inches long. She loves to lay on the floor and kick her legs and focus her eyes on anything she can. She absolutely LOVES to have her big brothers sit and talk to her. She has cracked a few smiles and laughs a bit but I can tell she is so close to letting out a great big belly laugh! I just hope the camera is on her at the time!

My sweet mom and Grammie came out to visit about a month ago to see her. It was so much fun to have 4 generations together. My Grammie is just about the sweetest most wonderful person in the world and it meant so much to me that she came all the way to Utah to see her newest great-grand-daughter. We wanted to take a nice picture for posterities sake, but time kept creeping away from us, so we told Josh to hurry up and snap some photos as we were. So there are a few of those mixed in here as well.

Someday when we get a better camera, our blog will be somewhat organized again and I will do better at keeping up!! In the mean time, here are a few pictures of our sweet
Baby Leah!

4 generations!!

Just loving on her!

She loves her "G G"!

Pretty in pink!

What a mischeveious smirk. . .
I wonder what she's thinking about. . .

What could be better than taking a nap with Grandpa?

She took a pacifier for about 2 hours one night.
Here's proof!!
It probably won't happen again.

One of my favorites.

Could she BE any more of a girl???

This is the "grumpy look" she has
on her sweet face

Big brother Jake LOVES to hold her.

She finds the funniest positions to fall asleep in!
High five!!

Sweet "G G" snuggling Leah.
I'm SO glad I have this picture.


Christy said...

She is so precious!

Birrell Family said...

Beautiful! It's easy to see she will be surrounded by love her whole life

Karen said...

Mandi, she is such a precious little girl and you look great! How fun to have your mom and Grandma there, your mom hasn't changed a bit either, she's so cool.

Thomas Family said...

She is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love all the pictures, they are all priceless! :) Enjoy her,I know you do! She is adorable and I wish I could kiss those cheeks, so fun!

Em said...

Mandi, she seriously is just the cutest chubby girl EVER! i LOVE her grumpy face as well. You make such cute babies! GOOD WORK!

The Foulgers said...

She is growing so fast. I think she is a pretty girl version of Josh!:) Enjoy each moment, you know how fast it goes. BTW love the 4 generation pictures.