Tuesday, November 2, 2010





Monday, October 25, 2010

Miss Leah Update!

Our happy girl!

Loves to touch the grass!

She's thinking about eating something...

Miss Leah

She probably could have stayed right there all day!

Time is just flying by! Our little Miss Leah is growing like a weed! She is 8 1/2 months old already. She has 2 of the cutest little teeth poking through on the bottom and her top ones should be coming in any time now. She is sitting up all by herself (thanks mom!) and is SOOOOOOO close to crawling on all fours. She can definantly get herself where she wants to go by rolling or scooting herself any way she can. This girl is EVERYWHERE!! She Loves to be outside and now that she can sit up, she loves to just play with the grass and try and eat anything she can get her little fingers on. She loves her brothers and gets such a kick out of watching them play. We love our little Leah and are so blessed to have this sweet little girl in our family.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Yes yes I know!! It has been a rediculously long time since I have blogged. Shame on me for sure! There has just been sooooooo much going on and well, lets face it. I am a slacker! So this post doen't really have a whole lot of story or anything. Just some pictures of what we have been up to the past couple months. Jake started 4th grade and Kolby started kindergarten. Leah is almost 8 whole months and is on the verge of wanting to crawl everywhere instead of roll. She's just the sweetest thing ever!! I promise I will try to at least put up one blog a week, even if its to remind you all that we are still alive and kicking!! These kids are growing like weeds and I don't want any of you to miss any of it!
Love to you all!!!

Baby Leah working on the computer with daddy.
Check out those cheeks!!

Leah was giving crazy cute smiles to Uncle Jake.

She couldn't get enough of him!

Leah and I went swimming and she was in Heaven!
Check out those sexy legs!

Jake got his Bear badge in scouts and another gold arrow!!
Way to go Jake!

Leah now gets to sit in a big girl chair at the table.
This little girl LOVES to eat!!

We had our first back yard "fire and a movie" night.
We love to be outside enjoying these Fall evenings together.

Kolby is a big kindergardner!!
He's growing up WAY too fast!

Leah is ALL OVER the place chewing on everything she can get a hold of.
She's happiest when she can roll around and touch stuff.

My two handsome boys.
I am a lucky mommy!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Diabetes Camp!!

They talked him into putting his site in his arm instead
of always in his bum, and its his new favorite spot!
He's so brave!

As you can see he was in a cabin full of goof balls,and he fit right in!

Among all the fun, they had educational classes
where they played games called
"Are you smarter than your pancreas?" Clever!

Water park day!!
Could he BE having any more fun?

Nervous mom at check in!!

Josh wasn't nervous for him at all. Just way excited for
him to get to have this awesome experience!

A couple of weeks ago, Jake had the awesome opportunity to go to DIABETES CAMP! He was so excited to go and hang out with other kids his age who have diabetes too. The camp went from a Sunday afternoon until the following Friday. He got to share a cabin with 7 other boys and 2 counselors. Not everyone at the camp had diabetes though. Some of them were close friends or relatives of the kids that do have it. While Jake was super excited about pretty much everything, I was extremely nervous. He has never really been away from us for more than a couple nights and thats just down to Grandmas house so he could talk to us or come home if he wanted. But at camp, there was NO contact allowed at all, AND he was going to a place he had never been before with people he had never met before. But, from the moment we got there, I could tell he was going to be in HEAVEN!! Lots of rowdy boys, tons of diet soda, ( even the kinds with caffeine in it and no mom or dad to tell him no), and the best part, a swimming pool!!! Needless to say, he was eager to have Josh and I get the heck out of there so he could get to all the fun! He got to go hiking, to a water park, do skits, listen to a band, along with educational classes to learn more about diabetes and how to stay healthy. But if you ask Jake what his favorite part was . . . SLOW DANCING WITH GIRLS!!!!! Ummmm, excuse me?? This was supposed to be diabetes camp, not dancing camp!! Oh well. The whole experience was just so good for him and he can't wait till
next summer to go again and have even more fun than this year.
( and of course do more dancing! )

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Arizona Baby!

Meeting Uncle Justin!!
He couldn't wait to kiss those cheeks!

Playing cards with Aunt Jodi.
She couldn't get enough of those cards!

Sweet cousin Brooklyn!

She even got to visit with Papa!

This is Leahs new best friend! Her thumb!!

Getting kisses from cousin Cooper!

My sweet Baby Leah snuggling. I love this little girl.

Last week I was able to escape for a few days with Baby Leah down to visit my family in Arizona. I only got to stay for 3 days but could have really used a couple weeks more!! I miss them so much! I am lucky I got to see them even if it was for a little bit. Not a whole lot of exciting things were planned. Mostly just hanging out, talking and laughing, eating, and enjoying the newest addition to the family. Which is exactly what I wanted to do. But, some of the highlights were, having "yummy pancakes" and home made buttermilk syrup at Becky's, Justins softball game, eating the amazingly delicious Barro's Pizza and wings, Brooklyn as the scarecrow, catching up with Desi, and my new favorite thing in the whole wide world, Thai Chicken Pasta from The Cheescake Factory. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM. ( Nice how my favorite times involve EATING huh?) Anyway, it was Leah's first time on an airplane and I was really nervous about the flight experience. Especially because poor Leah came down with an ear infection the DAY before we flew down! (Of course!) But she did perfectly on both flights. This girl is such a sweetheart. She gets attention from people everywhere she goes, because of her big blue eyes, or her cute little painted toe nails, wether she wants it or not! We had so much fun together and it was so wonderful to get to see my family down in AZ. (Even though it was scorchingly HOT) I don't care what anyone says, 100 degrees at 10:00 pm is HOT!!! You wont be able to change my mind! But oh so worth it!! I love you guys down in AZ and am so thankful we got to see ya!!!
Until next time!!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010


So, Jacob came home one day from school with a small plant in a Dixie cup. He told us it was a cabbage and wanted to plant it right away. Not knowing where to plant it, I put it in the worst possible place. No sun. No water. No care. This was over 2 years ago!!! It never really has done very well, but I never had the heart to pull it out. It's survived 2 winters now and has hung in there. But one day we were outside and we noticed this freak of a plant. We're not sure if it has cross pollinated with a weed, or if its mutated to fit its environment. Either way, we are proud of whatever it is. It bloomed this weekend and hoping by the end of the summer that it's as tall as our roof. If you have any idea what it is, or what it's doing, let us know!!! Jake is especially excited to see what's to come of his plant that he once brought from school in his tiny cup.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kolby is 5!!!

On May 13th, our little Kolby turned 5 years old!!

A crash course on Kolby Mackey!

He is our free spirited little person.
He makes me laugh at the drop of a hat, and can make me want to
scream just as easily!
He is a great little brother and an awesome big brother!
He wants to be out side playing almost 24/7.
He loves to skateboard, ride his bike, or his scooter and just about anything else he can do outside with friends.
He loves to play with water balloons and be sneaky while trying to get Dad.
( It never works though)
He is such a snuggler if you can get him to hold still long enough.
He likes to end his statements with "you know!"
He goes crazy with desire when he hears the ice cream truck.
He loves to be tricky and try and scare you as you walk around a corner.
He loves to attach stuff to his pants.
He is already a shoe snob. (just like dad!)
Snacks, are his favorite thing. . . EVER.
He has the cutest laugh if you can catch him and tickle him.

Kolby is our sweetheart. He just wants to have fun and spend time with you. He is my little buddy during the day and we are so thankful to have Kolby and his "awesomeness" in our family.

We love you Kolby-One-Kenobi!

Here he is at 3 months

This was our little Kolby most of the time.
Rocking the " fo-hawk "!

He has always LOVED the outdoors!

His sweet face just makes me smile.

At Lagoon, he LOVED the water rides,
even if it meant I had to get my hair wet.

He had a few of his friends over for some "Indiana Jones" cake and then it was off to Jump On It or some more fun!
(I of course forgot the camera )
But it was a great birthday!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Pinewood Derby!!

Jacob had his cub scout Pinewood Derby a couple weeks ago. He had so much fun! From the minute he got his kit, he was asking Josh to make it EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! So, finallythe time came to sit down and design it. Jake drew up a little sketch and then sat down with Josh at the computer, where Josh (and his awesome skills) was able to create a true to scale model! Jake designed everything for his car, right down to the fire coming out of the back of the rocket on the top. His car won 2nd place in the first run and 4th in the second. He was so proud of his car and how hard he and Josh worked on it, he wasn't even really all that concerned with how well it did. Even thought it didn't win 1st place, it DID get the award for the "Best Looking"!
Jake is already looking forward to next year and Josh is already thinking of ways to make it go faster!!!! The scout program is so much fun and we are so glad Jake is a part of it.
Way to go Jake!!

Just waiting to get started!!

Dad and Grandpa doing last minute "tricks"!

Such a proud little boy!

Josh and I were there too with our Webelos.
All the boys did awesome and had a blast!

These boys worked hard!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What a blessing!!

Here is our sweet princess Leah.

She wasn't super thrilled about having to stay in that dress for too long. But look how pretty and lacey and girly it is!!!

We thought sh might smile for this one, but... nope!

Our little family!

I'm so lucky to have a mom willing to come up here. . . again!
It meant the world that you were here mom. I love you!

This past weekend, our sweet little Baby Leah was blessed. We were able to have just our close family share in this special day with us. Even my lovely mother was able to make a quick trip from Arizona for this occasion. I, of course, had a really fun time getting ready for this day. I got to go dress shopping!!!! I had so much fun looking at little white, frilly dresses, and couldn't wait to get Leah into it! ( Even if it was only for an hour or so!) She even had on a little white flower bracelet that I made, clear back when I was a Beehive. It goes with a cute poem basically saying that she is to wear the flower on her wrist on her blessing day, in her hair when she is baptized , and on her garter when she gets married. I wasn't sure if I was ever going to be able to use it, but I saved it for this day anyway! And we got lucky enough to be blessed with our baby girl! Our sweet Baby Leah has come into our home and completed our family. She is such a sweet little spirit and we all just adore her.
We love our Baby Leah!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


It was brought to my attention the other day that I never did actually "blog" about Leah's latest "blog worthy" happenings. Shame on me! I did put pictures up in Facebook but failed to actually blog. She went and had her 2 month check up a couple weeks ago, and got the proper immunizations to get her ears pierced!! I knew I eventually wanted them done but I was at the mall the VERY NEXT DAY! She hardly cried and I was even able to get through it without crying too!! We are two brave girls!!

So here are a few more of our sweet little girl looking as cute as always!! And now she's got BLING!!!

( By the way, I DO realize that it seems like we only have ONE child, when if fact, we have THREE. I will be doing better at blogging about our
awesome boys as well!)
But, in the mean time, here are a few more iphone shots of our
sweet Baby Leah.

This is one of my favorites because
I just LOVE her little chin!

She was trying SO hard to get her little hand in her mouth!
Look at her cute flower ear rings!

This is how Kolby "holds" Leah.
She looks really comfortable huh?

I went to check on Leah in her swing, and this is what I found.
Poor Baby Leah!!

This is a perfect shot of our little "Fatty-kins"!
I just love this squishy little baby girl of mine!