Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Batteries for the camera - $7.00

Star Wars theme song - $ .99

The inevitable . . . PRICELESS

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Big 2nd grade boy!!

Our sweet Jake started 2nd grade today. The first day of school was actually yesrterday, but he didnt get to go because he was REALLY sick on Sunday. He had a high fever all day, couldnt keep ANYTHING down and had the most sever headache I have ever seen. After a full day of all this, I finally broke down and took him to urgent care. They gave him a shot of some medecine in his cute little "bum bum" to help him with his nausea so he could have some pain medecine and actually keep it in him long enough to work. And it WORKED!! It knocked him right out and by the next morning, he was ready to go! Unfortunately, I didnt want to send him to school with him having been so sick. ( I am sure all of the other mom's would have LOVED that!) So, we waited till today to send him and he was super excited to go! Our little guy is getting so big!! Have fun at school buddy!!