Monday, November 14, 2011

It's a boy!

Introducing........... Jasper Mackey!!!

This guy loves to snuggle!

And sleep!

Such a sweetheart.

Leah's new shadow!

The newest addition to the Mackey family! He is a mini schnauzer and he fits in with us perfectly. We knew that after we lost our sweet Robbie, it would be hard to move on with another dog. We kept on debating when would be a "good time" to get a dog, and decided that there would most likely NEVER be a super convenient time. So, one day, I jumped on line and found an ad for an 8 week old mini schnauzer puppy in need of a good home. Done. I called up Josh at work and told him I was gonna go check out a dog but that I wouldn't decide anything without him....Buuuuut.... About an hour later I show up at his work with our sweet little Jasper who at the time was called "Zekey". Huh?????Anyway, he is a perfect fit. He adores the kids and they can't get enough of him either. I actually am EXTREMELY attached to him, which is really kind of a surprise to me. Of course I could do without the little "accidents" I find around, but for the most part, he's just plain awesome. Josh was worried that he would keep comparing him to Robbie, knowing that there will NEVER be another dog as cool as him. But, Jasper so far has proven to be as good of a little buddy to Josh as Robbie ever was. AND! He already does tons of the stuff that Robbie used to do. Like chasing a lazer light on the floor and trying to eat Josh's face. He just makes us all really happy. In a nut shell, he's definitely a keeper!