Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2 whole weeks!!

I dont know how I managed to get this picture,
but I'm So glad I did!
How cute is that??

Pretty in purple!

I think there is nothing more
precious than a baby sleeping.

Jake loves to hold her any chance he gets.
Especially IF she will lay her head on his shoulder.

Well! I can't believe its already been almost one whole month since we were blessed with our sweet baby Leah. She is such a joy to have around. She eats great and sleeps better than I thought she would. . . sometimes! The boys just can't get enough of her. They are always wanting to hold her and are always willing to help me out with whatever I need. If she is around them, they are telling her how pretty she is and how much they love her. They are awesome big brothers! She is constantly making new noises and faces that make all of us laugh. I took Leah to the Dr. for her 2 week check and she is doing perfectly! Gaining weight, (notice the chubby cheeks?) moving around, and getting stronger (and in my opinion, even cuter) every day. It's so much fun to have her in our family!!
We love our Baby Leah!


Becky said...

I've been checking your blog frequently waiting for you to post pictures of Leah. She is so beautiful♥ Loved her expression in the first photo. Your'e doing great to have time to blog...three is alot different than two, isn't it? For me it was time to get organized! Your family remains in my prayers. Love from Tennessee

Em Ybarra said...

Mandi, she is just adorable! and she is going to be so spoiled having two big brothers who are always giving her loves! i am so glad she is eating and sleeping well for you! that is always nice ;) i've wanted so much to come visit, but i didn't want to bring the plague with me to your house...once we are all COMPLETELY better, I'll drop by and see Leah in all her chubby glory! love ya!

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