Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Arizona Baby!

Meeting Uncle Justin!!
He couldn't wait to kiss those cheeks!

Playing cards with Aunt Jodi.
She couldn't get enough of those cards!

Sweet cousin Brooklyn!

She even got to visit with Papa!

This is Leahs new best friend! Her thumb!!

Getting kisses from cousin Cooper!

My sweet Baby Leah snuggling. I love this little girl.

Last week I was able to escape for a few days with Baby Leah down to visit my family in Arizona. I only got to stay for 3 days but could have really used a couple weeks more!! I miss them so much! I am lucky I got to see them even if it was for a little bit. Not a whole lot of exciting things were planned. Mostly just hanging out, talking and laughing, eating, and enjoying the newest addition to the family. Which is exactly what I wanted to do. But, some of the highlights were, having "yummy pancakes" and home made buttermilk syrup at Becky's, Justins softball game, eating the amazingly delicious Barro's Pizza and wings, Brooklyn as the scarecrow, catching up with Desi, and my new favorite thing in the whole wide world, Thai Chicken Pasta from The Cheescake Factory. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM. ( Nice how my favorite times involve EATING huh?) Anyway, it was Leah's first time on an airplane and I was really nervous about the flight experience. Especially because poor Leah came down with an ear infection the DAY before we flew down! (Of course!) But she did perfectly on both flights. This girl is such a sweetheart. She gets attention from people everywhere she goes, because of her big blue eyes, or her cute little painted toe nails, wether she wants it or not! We had so much fun together and it was so wonderful to get to see my family down in AZ. (Even though it was scorchingly HOT) I don't care what anyone says, 100 degrees at 10:00 pm is HOT!!! You wont be able to change my mind! But oh so worth it!! I love you guys down in AZ and am so thankful we got to see ya!!!
Until next time!!!