Monday, July 28, 2008

2 weeks in Arizona!

What a fun trip to Arizona we had! We got to see our Grammie's, our Great Garammie's, our cousins, aunts, uncles and friends. I was thinking that 2 weeks was a TON of time to be able to see all those we wanted to but, I was so wrong! I could have used another 2 weeks to really be able to visit the way I wanted to! But thank you to my family who was so cool to let us crash at your houses and eat all your food and mess up your schedules! We had so much fun and miss you like crazy already!! Here is a few pics of our trip. I didn't realize till we got home that I didn't take NEARLY enough pictures of what we did. But, here is a glimpse....

Jake and Kolby with my dad, (Papa) at Grandma La Rue's house. We got to go to Safford and stay with them for a night. It was so fun to see you!
On our way home from Safford, we stopped at an old caboose and went exploring for a bit. Thanks so much for taking us Papa!
This is my mom (Grammie) with all the grandkids. Bottom row- Kolby,Reese,Tyson,Lincoln,Brooklyn. Top row-Nya,Shelby,Jake,Cooper,Jenna
My family!! Justin, Adam,Jodi,Mom,me!
Same as above, only MY Grammie is in this one. She is so cute!! We love our GG!
We decided to make pillow cases with glittery puff paint while we were at Grammie's. Kolby just kind of squirted it on and smeared it all around...Very colorful!
Jake was very presice and made a race track with cars racing with smoke and everything!
We went up to the mountains in Safford and got to throw rocks in the water!
Grandma La Rue and Grandpa Lester came with us and we had a blast! This cute couple are so much fun and we loved visiting with them!
Playing on the train tracks andy chance we get!

We made "Oobleck"!! Who would have thought you could have so much fun with corn starch and water?
My brother Justin played softball while we were there and this is my dad, his wife Pam, little Cooper and sis-in-law Patti!
Jake likes to have his hair "yellow" so we tooka few minutes and bleached the top!
He is so proud!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

In Arizona baby!!

Sorry there are no pictures to go along with this posting. Me Jake and Kolby are currently in Arizona, hanging with my family while Josh goes on a business trip to Chicago. We come here every summer for about 2 weeks in July..... JULY!!!!!! Helloooo????? I know what its like in Arizona in July and yet I still come out here! However, along with the heat, there are the totally awesome monsoon storms that I absolutely LOVE and miss since moving to Utah. So I guess I have to take the good with the bad right? My kids however think they are going to melt!! And as soon as my sensetive skinned hubby shows up, he will feel the same I am sure! I am taking lots of fun pictures and will post them when we get home. Go D-Backs!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Our baby girl!

We finally have a baby girl in our house!! We would like to welcome our new Cocatiel bird, Millie "Fergie-licious" Mackey. A man at Josh's dad's work asked if he knew of anyone who wanted a bird. He has 2 others at home and needed to part ways with one. So, we said yes and here she is! She is a very well tempered girl and doesn't make a lot of noise. She whistles every now and then and sometime she even copies our whistles! When we get her out of her cage she loves to be on our shoulders and play with my earings or nibble on the kids ears. Kolby seems more comfortable around her so far and Jake seems to be coming around slowly. Robbie on the other hand, (our dog) isn't so sure about her. He cant decide if she is a toy for him or a meal for him. He sits in front of her cage litterally ALL DAY and just watches her. Its really cute. I will post pictures of that when I can. But we are happy to have her!!


We love to go see the fireworks! We usually end up in a parking lot somewhere and struggle to get a good look at the Stadium of Fire fireworks display. But! This year, we went with the family to a church parking lot that had a huge field behind it in Provo to watch them. We had heard that this was a pretty good view so we grabbed some Little Ceasar's pizzas, threw out some blankets and waited. Little did we know, we were DIRECTLY in the line of flight for those military planes to fly right over us! The kids didn't know wether to be scared or excited about it. I thought it was about the coolest thing I had ever seen! Anyway, as we waited for it to get dark, we brought some fireworks of our own to light off. Little did we know, thats what everybody else does too! There was about 10 different spots of people doing fireworks all at the same time. It was so cool to see that many people so excited about fireworks like we all were! Anyway, the fireworks started and we had the PERFECT view! They were so close and so beautiful. We love the 4th!!!!

4th of July!!

So, its kind of a tradition to go up the canyon and ride the ski lift at Sundance on the 4th of July. So thats exactly what we did! It was overcast that day so that made the ride even better having it not be so hot! Jake deicided he wanted to ride with his cousins this time so Josh and I got to wrestle with Kolby. That kid has NO FEAR! He was so excited to ride it that he kept scooting all the way froward trting to look down which caused Josh and I to almost have a heart attack every time he did it. Eventually, Josh ended up attaching a careabeaner to his belt loop, and attatched his own belt to the swing, and held on to him that way. Otherwise, we could have been jumping out after him!!! It was such a fun time!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


So, last night the boys were taking a bath and wanted a little shaving cream to play with. So I gave them both a little squirt, and they immediately began lathering up and getting ready to shave "just like daddy does". So, to help them with their efforts, I super glued the lid of a razor on, and let them have at it! Jake was trying as hard as he could to do it just EXACTLY like daddy does, whereas Kolby felt the need to shave his little nose and his forehead as well!! They love to be just like Josh no matter what he does! Kolby is Josh's little shadow out in the yard and Jake is going to take after his dad in the artistic department. Its even goes as far as wanting to wear cologne and "smell like daddy" before we go anywhere. They are my precious little boys!!!