Thursday, April 30, 2009


So, Mandi gets a bath ready for the BOYZ and we sit outside to enjoy the weather and our freshly planted flowers. When all of the sudden, Kolby comes racing out of the front door in his B-DAY SUIT! He wanted to show us his newest "OWIE." He paid no mind to the neighbors out and about. He was as free as the wind blows. We love Kolby and his free spirit. Another step closer to becoming true "White Trash!"

Thursday, April 23, 2009

White Trash on a Bike!

Mandi and I were outside in the front yard looking at our flower beds. When all of a sudden, Kolby comes flying out of the garage on his bike with no shirt or helmet on. It was hard to be mad at him because it was so unexpected and funny! 

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Let it SNOW???

Josh as he was beginning the daunting  task of shoveling the driveway and sidewalks. . . again. . .

This is the Sycamore tree in our back yard. The branches were touching the ground because the snow was so heavy.

The view from our back yard.

This is our neighbors tree. It usually points UP!

This is another shot of our tree from our bedroom. CRAZY STUFF!!

On Tuesday morning last week, we woke up to a foot of snow!!! I knew we weren't out of the woods yet as far as snow storms go, but I thought that they would at least stay up in the higher elevations or just be a light dusting on the grassy spots.  I could not believe it when we got outside to start shoveling, just how much there actually was! So, I grabbed the camera and started shooting a few pictures of our house, and our neighbors house so we could actually prove that there was THIS much snow in the MIDDLE of April!!!
Mother Nature. . . ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Jake is 8!

We are so excited that our Jacob is a great big 8 year old!

He was clearly on a MAJOR sugar high in this picture but he was having so much fun!

Even our little Kolby had a blast cruising around the skating rink.

Jake was super exited about his Star Wars cake. ( He wasn't too sure about the trick candles though)

This was his reaction to watching the music video of the Macarena (or however you spell it) But I thought his look was priceless!

We had Jake's birthday party at  the local roller skating rink Classic Skating.  It is one of Jake's favorite places to go and ride his scooter. Yes! His scooter. He is not too crazy about the idea of actually "skating" around the rink, and he is really good at riding on his scooter. When we got there, the kids just totally disappeared in all directions, and didn't see them again until it was time for pizza. You would not believe how fast 2 giant 16 piece pizzas can be gone! They were hungry kids! After that, they got some tokens and played on the games while we got the cake ready to eat.  After a quick song of "Happy Birthday" and some fun blowing out the candles 5 or 6 times, we devoured the yummy cake and he opened his gifts. By then the party was winding down but not before the D.J.  put the spotlight on Jake in the middle of the skating rink and let him skate around for a bit to his favorite song. . . The Star Wars theme!!!! Thanks to all who were there to help us celebrate this special day with us. We are sure to remember it for a long time!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Conference Weekend

Well, it was time again. A nice relaxing weekend of being able to attend church services in our jammies! Don't get me wrong, I love all the speakers, the messages and the nice spirit that comes with it, but there is just something so incredibly cool about being able to lay out on the couch with snacks and what not and listen and enjoy.
But I must confess, at times I found it quite difficult to lay down and stay awake! And I know for  a FACT that Josh found that part a little tricky too! (Sorry hun!) As a child I can remember just totally DREADING conference and having to sit and listen to a bunch of "old guys" talk. But over the years I have come to actually look forward to it and come away with comforting thoughts and the will to be a better person. We tried to get the boyz to come and sit and listen but that lasted all of about 30 seconds before they were fighting and  messing around with each other, the pillows and whatever else they could do to not have to sit still. So we told them that if they couldn't be quiet for even one talk to go and find something else to do. . . 

And that's just what they did!