Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Friend, A Hero!

Have you ever come across someone that has changed your life for the better? Okay, I'm sure you all have, but let me tell you about mine. Family is always there, and Mandi is now of coarse my best friend, but what about that one person that was just your BEST GOOD BUDDY growing up? Aaron Gardner was that person to me. Since we were both in diapers, we were inseparable. For 18 years we were side by side. Thick and thin, we saw it all. Missions came and went, then girls became more important, and then taking care of our children took priority. Aaron left Utah to pursue his dream of becoming a Doctor. I have to admit that it was really hard to see him go, but tonight, I have never been so proud! Aaron was on Dateline NBC in a special following Interns for their first year. Aaron performed CPR on an infant after only being in his residency for a week. He had both of his hands around this baby pumping her chest with his thumbs, trying to get some life back into her. A moving moment to say the least. While I was playing Transformers as a kid, Aaron was playing with his doctor's kit. He has always had a love for medicine. Aaron is currently in Haiti taking care of the sick and the injured people struggling there. He has such amazing compassion for people he has never even met.
Aaron, I'm proud of you and all that you have accomplished! Keep it up! Hurry back to Utah so you can take care of our kids too!

Aaron's hands performing CPR on an infant.

Aaron after the baby is breathing. I know Aaron and concern . . .
His face says it all!
You're going to be an awesome Doctor!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010


I came home today to find Mandi putting together the stroller that our loving family from AZ got for Baby Leah. Mandi couldn't even wait for a few more minutes for me to get home. It's so exciting to see girly stuff in the house for a change. We've been trying to break ourselves back in mentally these past couple of weeks. It's funny how fast you forget about the diaper changing, feeding, crying, barf (Mandi hates that word), sleepless nights, and all the other side effects of a baby. Though we know we will never truly be ready, we do know that it will be one of the most wonderful new chapters of our lives. We're looking forward with anticipation to seeing your sweet face, Baby Leah!