Monday, August 9, 2010

Diabetes Camp!!

They talked him into putting his site in his arm instead
of always in his bum, and its his new favorite spot!
He's so brave!

As you can see he was in a cabin full of goof balls,and he fit right in!

Among all the fun, they had educational classes
where they played games called
"Are you smarter than your pancreas?" Clever!

Water park day!!
Could he BE having any more fun?

Nervous mom at check in!!

Josh wasn't nervous for him at all. Just way excited for
him to get to have this awesome experience!

A couple of weeks ago, Jake had the awesome opportunity to go to DIABETES CAMP! He was so excited to go and hang out with other kids his age who have diabetes too. The camp went from a Sunday afternoon until the following Friday. He got to share a cabin with 7 other boys and 2 counselors. Not everyone at the camp had diabetes though. Some of them were close friends or relatives of the kids that do have it. While Jake was super excited about pretty much everything, I was extremely nervous. He has never really been away from us for more than a couple nights and thats just down to Grandmas house so he could talk to us or come home if he wanted. But at camp, there was NO contact allowed at all, AND he was going to a place he had never been before with people he had never met before. But, from the moment we got there, I could tell he was going to be in HEAVEN!! Lots of rowdy boys, tons of diet soda, ( even the kinds with caffeine in it and no mom or dad to tell him no), and the best part, a swimming pool!!! Needless to say, he was eager to have Josh and I get the heck out of there so he could get to all the fun! He got to go hiking, to a water park, do skits, listen to a band, along with educational classes to learn more about diabetes and how to stay healthy. But if you ask Jake what his favorite part was . . . SLOW DANCING WITH GIRLS!!!!! Ummmm, excuse me?? This was supposed to be diabetes camp, not dancing camp!! Oh well. The whole experience was just so good for him and he can't wait till
next summer to go again and have even more fun than this year.
( and of course do more dancing! )