Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kolby is 5!!!

On May 13th, our little Kolby turned 5 years old!!

A crash course on Kolby Mackey!

He is our free spirited little person.
He makes me laugh at the drop of a hat, and can make me want to
scream just as easily!
He is a great little brother and an awesome big brother!
He wants to be out side playing almost 24/7.
He loves to skateboard, ride his bike, or his scooter and just about anything else he can do outside with friends.
He loves to play with water balloons and be sneaky while trying to get Dad.
( It never works though)
He is such a snuggler if you can get him to hold still long enough.
He likes to end his statements with "you know!"
He goes crazy with desire when he hears the ice cream truck.
He loves to be tricky and try and scare you as you walk around a corner.
He loves to attach stuff to his pants.
He is already a shoe snob. (just like dad!)
Snacks, are his favorite thing. . . EVER.
He has the cutest laugh if you can catch him and tickle him.

Kolby is our sweetheart. He just wants to have fun and spend time with you. He is my little buddy during the day and we are so thankful to have Kolby and his "awesomeness" in our family.

We love you Kolby-One-Kenobi!

Here he is at 3 months

This was our little Kolby most of the time.
Rocking the " fo-hawk "!

He has always LOVED the outdoors!

His sweet face just makes me smile.

At Lagoon, he LOVED the water rides,
even if it meant I had to get my hair wet.

He had a few of his friends over for some "Indiana Jones" cake and then it was off to Jump On It or some more fun!
(I of course forgot the camera )
But it was a great birthday!!!


Thomas Family said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet Kolby!! I love the baby pics! They grow up so fast. I am so impressed that you have kept up on your blogging, I need to do better. :)

Karen said...

He is darling! I wish he and my Clayton who is six could play together. Glad he had a fun birthday!