Friday, May 7, 2010

Pinewood Derby!!

Jacob had his cub scout Pinewood Derby a couple weeks ago. He had so much fun! From the minute he got his kit, he was asking Josh to make it EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! So, finallythe time came to sit down and design it. Jake drew up a little sketch and then sat down with Josh at the computer, where Josh (and his awesome skills) was able to create a true to scale model! Jake designed everything for his car, right down to the fire coming out of the back of the rocket on the top. His car won 2nd place in the first run and 4th in the second. He was so proud of his car and how hard he and Josh worked on it, he wasn't even really all that concerned with how well it did. Even thought it didn't win 1st place, it DID get the award for the "Best Looking"!
Jake is already looking forward to next year and Josh is already thinking of ways to make it go faster!!!! The scout program is so much fun and we are so glad Jake is a part of it.
Way to go Jake!!

Just waiting to get started!!

Dad and Grandpa doing last minute "tricks"!

Such a proud little boy!

Josh and I were there too with our Webelos.
All the boys did awesome and had a blast!

These boys worked hard!!!


The Nunes' said...

I think the dads always enjoy the pinewood derby just as much, if not more, as the boys! You looked so beautiful in all of those blessing pictures... what a special day for your family! And tell your mom she hasn't aged a bit!!!:D

Thomas Family said...

FUN!!!! Jake looks so much like you! cute! :)