Saturday, November 14, 2009

1 Year Today!

It's strange to think that 1 year ago today we were rushing Jake to the hospital because he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. It's fitting that today is World Diabetes Day. We are celebrating his anniversary by taking him out for some pizza and a ride up the canyon to see the snow. It's amazing how this disease has affected us all. We hate it, but at the same time we wouldn't trade this experience for anything! Jake has become so strong from this trial and has become our example of how we should have a positive outlook on life. Jake, we love you! Thank you for being who you are and making our family strong. You are our HERO!!!!

We have filled countless bottles of needles and test strips.

We are so thankful for Jake's pump that has made all of our lives easier. He only has to have his line put in every third day now instead of getting 4 to 5 shots ANY time he want to eat ANYTHING! He loves it! We also love it! We all hope and pray that a cure will come someday, and believe us, WHEN that day comes, it will be a celebration you wont want to miss!

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Becky said...

So Jake got his insulin pump! I'm proud of all of you. You're right, it's a family experience. There's so much to know about diabetes and you're the ones changing out his pump every three days... You are the ones leading Jake and showing him the way!