Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pre-school baby!!!

Well, the day has finally come!! Our little Kolby gets to go to pre-school! He has been waiting for this day ever since Jake started back at school. He always wanted to go too, and was usually bummed out when he couldn't. So when he knew that today would be HIS turn to go, He could barely stand it! In fact, his school doesn't start until 9:15 but he was dressed and ready to go by about 8:05. He just wandered around the house (with his backpack on) until I finally said it was time to go and he FLEW out of the house and started walking before I could even catch him. Its just around the corner so he wanted to walk there like the big boy that he is! His sweet teacher Mrs. Kari was waiting outside, and he ran right in!! He had so such fun and is so excited to go to school like his big brother Jake. And mom is SUPER excited to have a whole 6 hours and 45 minutes each week to herself!! ( But who's counting?)
Yay for pre-school!


Texas Turleys said...

What a cutie! This is so funny! Sage also started preschool today. Is he the same age as her? He is just bubbling with JOY! His face is like "I'm a BIG boy now! Yeah!"

Thomas Family said...

He is so stinkin' cute! I love his sweet face. It is so exciting for them. Enjoy your time :)