Monday, September 1, 2008

More Star Wars

So, clearly we are going through a "Star Wars phase". All the boys do is play with their light sabers, and make the little fighting sounds that goes with it. So, Josh thought it would be fun to get them the Lego Star Wars game for our Playstaion. So, I went and got it thinking that they would LOVE it. Which they totally do, however, along with the game comes the fighting.... " No Kolby! I get to be the robot!" "JACOB!!! I want to be the guy with the light saber!" And so on.... SO! Josh said he would play with them and give our ears a break from the oh so happy sound of brothers playing, and they LOVED it! They quickly decided that playing games with daddy is WAY more fun than with each other. The second Josh sat down to play, the fighting stopped and they were totally mezmerized by the "awesomeness" of his playing. Thanks to my sweet hubby for keeping the peace in our home for the 30 minutes that we got.
Love you baby!!!


Texas Turleys said...

Cute boys! I love the Star Wars fantanicism! That is exactly what happens when John plays games w/ the girls. They could do that all day! They like Zelda, Banjo & anything w/ the Wii! Do you think we play to many video games? ;) It is such a wonderful break and I love the sound of NO fighting!

Sara said...

That is absolutely adorable!!! I miss you chicabite!!!!!

Matt's Blog said...

I think that is mostly what he does at work also, so he must be VERY good!