Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Our baby girl!

We finally have a baby girl in our house!! We would like to welcome our new Cocatiel bird, Millie "Fergie-licious" Mackey. A man at Josh's dad's work asked if he knew of anyone who wanted a bird. He has 2 others at home and needed to part ways with one. So, we said yes and here she is! She is a very well tempered girl and doesn't make a lot of noise. She whistles every now and then and sometime she even copies our whistles! When we get her out of her cage she loves to be on our shoulders and play with my earings or nibble on the kids ears. Kolby seems more comfortable around her so far and Jake seems to be coming around slowly. Robbie on the other hand, (our dog) isn't so sure about her. He cant decide if she is a toy for him or a meal for him. He sits in front of her cage litterally ALL DAY and just watches her. Its really cute. I will post pictures of that when I can. But we are happy to have her!!

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• Lorena Teles. said...

Hii (;
Beautifuul *-*