Monday, July 28, 2008

2 weeks in Arizona!

What a fun trip to Arizona we had! We got to see our Grammie's, our Great Garammie's, our cousins, aunts, uncles and friends. I was thinking that 2 weeks was a TON of time to be able to see all those we wanted to but, I was so wrong! I could have used another 2 weeks to really be able to visit the way I wanted to! But thank you to my family who was so cool to let us crash at your houses and eat all your food and mess up your schedules! We had so much fun and miss you like crazy already!! Here is a few pics of our trip. I didn't realize till we got home that I didn't take NEARLY enough pictures of what we did. But, here is a glimpse....

Jake and Kolby with my dad, (Papa) at Grandma La Rue's house. We got to go to Safford and stay with them for a night. It was so fun to see you!
On our way home from Safford, we stopped at an old caboose and went exploring for a bit. Thanks so much for taking us Papa!
This is my mom (Grammie) with all the grandkids. Bottom row- Kolby,Reese,Tyson,Lincoln,Brooklyn. Top row-Nya,Shelby,Jake,Cooper,Jenna
My family!! Justin, Adam,Jodi,Mom,me!
Same as above, only MY Grammie is in this one. She is so cute!! We love our GG!
We decided to make pillow cases with glittery puff paint while we were at Grammie's. Kolby just kind of squirted it on and smeared it all around...Very colorful!
Jake was very presice and made a race track with cars racing with smoke and everything!
We went up to the mountains in Safford and got to throw rocks in the water!
Grandma La Rue and Grandpa Lester came with us and we had a blast! This cute couple are so much fun and we loved visiting with them!
Playing on the train tracks andy chance we get!

We made "Oobleck"!! Who would have thought you could have so much fun with corn starch and water?
My brother Justin played softball while we were there and this is my dad, his wife Pam, little Cooper and sis-in-law Patti!
Jake likes to have his hair "yellow" so we tooka few minutes and bleached the top!
He is so proud!!!


Thomas Family said...

I LOVE all the pictures!! Your dad is forever young. He hasn't changed a bit! Jodi is so beautiful!!! It was so great to see pictures of your whole famly!! Adam and Justin look great and you look fab! Your mom is so cute and Grammie, I love her! Looks like you had a great time. I envy you. What a great trip you had! Glad your home safe. :)

TexasTurleys said...

Your mom looks fantastic! I can't believe how grown up Jodi is. Wow are we getting old? I love the yellow hair by the way! It rocks!

Luscious Lavenders said...

yeah ok!!! should of took pictures that night at cheesecake factory with your coolest friends EVER!! ;)

Shannon Harris said...

Well darn.. now I'm homesick!!!! It was nice to see pics of your dad (always my fav uncle) and Gma and Gpa.