Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4th of July!!

So, its kind of a tradition to go up the canyon and ride the ski lift at Sundance on the 4th of July. So thats exactly what we did! It was overcast that day so that made the ride even better having it not be so hot! Jake deicided he wanted to ride with his cousins this time so Josh and I got to wrestle with Kolby. That kid has NO FEAR! He was so excited to ride it that he kept scooting all the way froward trting to look down which caused Josh and I to almost have a heart attack every time he did it. Eventually, Josh ended up attaching a careabeaner to his belt loop, and attatched his own belt to the swing, and held on to him that way. Otherwise, we could have been jumping out after him!!! It was such a fun time!!!

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