Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tubes for Baby Leah

Finally! After about 7 ear infections, we decided to do the tube thing for Miss Leah. Anyone who knows her, knows that she was sick with runny nose, ear aches and things like that almost CONSTANTLY!! Well, we are making a trip down to Arizona in few weeks and I just really didn't want to deal with a sick child while I am visiting. (Last year when I went, she was diagnosed with and ear infection the day before) So! We took her to our ENT and she was scheduled for tubes 4 days later. She's going through a very clingy phase and doesn't want anything to do with anyone but mommy. So, any time anyone would walk in to talk to us or check her out, she freaked!! She was just SO not interested in being there. When it was time to take her back, the nurse did sort of a "snatch and grab" and whisked her away before she even knew she was leaving me. She kind of whined all the way down the hall and about 20 minutes later she was back in my arms drinking a bottle. She was all sleepy and cuddly at first, but that didn't last too long. She was either quiet and drinking or clawing at me and crying, just trying to get outta there! The Dr. said her ears were TERRIBLE! She said there was thick yucky fluid behind both ears and she had to keep adding saline to thin it out so she could suction it. The nurse describes it as peanut butter in the ear. GROSS!!!! They did a hearing test before they inserted the tubes and Leah failed it because of all the gunk in there. So, now that its all cleared out, her speech should take off even more than it already has. When we got home, she pretty much babbled and "talked" every second. It was cute to see her yell and make noises now that things sound different. All in all, she did awesome and hopefully,
(pictures are out of order, but whatev)

Trying to figure out what the heck
just happened!

Daddy helping her with her stylin'
hospital jammies.

Really didn't like all the stuff
they stuck on her.

She thought the fishies in the waiting room
was the coolest thing EVER!


~ Sara Ann said...

That child of yours gets more gorgeous every single picture I see of her!! I LOVE her little curls in the back of her head!!! I'm so glad she came through everything like a trooper and hopefully now she can hear better and not suffer through more ear infections!!! I know it has to be SO hard to watch your baby get taken back to surgery but you did the right thing. (I am still putting off Lourdes having her tonsils out even though I KNOW it's the right thing for her. I'm just so scared.).... I didn't realize her middle name was Jocelyn. You've loved that name ever since we were little kids. <3 SO sweet.

The Foulgers said...

We've been through that surgery with one of our little boys. You'll be so glad you did it. We couldn't believe how fast Luke started talking after his surgery. I hope she's doing great!:)