Friday, August 28, 2009

Back to School!

Two best buds! ( Well for now anyway)

He was all smiles as he got ready that morning and thought he was so "awesome" that he has a red backpack just like Jake!

Off he goes to grade 3! It doesn't seem possible!

Well, it's that time of year again!! Jake started his 3rd grade year about a week ago and Kolby started his 2nd year of pre-school. We were lucky enough to have Kolby get into the pre-school at Jake's school 5 days a week! They are both so exited that they get to walk together every morning and get to play together at recess after Jake gets done with lunch. It's so cute how excited they are to get up and get ready for school together now. They both want their hair done the same way, and have to have "daddy smell" on them before they go. (cologne) Kolby loves to brush his teeth and ask me if they are all "shiny" when he is finished. If they get done getting ready early enough, they go out in the front and play basketball together or ride their scooters until its time to go. I can remember being so carefree and happy when I was their age and I love that they are enjoying their childhood as brothers.
I love my sweet little boys!

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The Foulgers said...

What handsome little guys! That is so cute that they love each other so much. How nice for you to have some alone time during the day. Enjoy!:)