Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Let it SNOW???

Josh as he was beginning the daunting  task of shoveling the driveway and sidewalks. . . again. . .

This is the Sycamore tree in our back yard. The branches were touching the ground because the snow was so heavy.

The view from our back yard.

This is our neighbors tree. It usually points UP!

This is another shot of our tree from our bedroom. CRAZY STUFF!!

On Tuesday morning last week, we woke up to a foot of snow!!! I knew we weren't out of the woods yet as far as snow storms go, but I thought that they would at least stay up in the higher elevations or just be a light dusting on the grassy spots.  I could not believe it when we got outside to start shoveling, just how much there actually was! So, I grabbed the camera and started shooting a few pictures of our house, and our neighbors house so we could actually prove that there was THIS much snow in the MIDDLE of April!!!
Mother Nature. . . ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!


Thomas Family said...

HA!! I remember that too well. I am so glad it is you and not me! :) Although in April, that is pretty crazy for that much snow. Stay warm. xoxo

Texas Turleys said...

That snow is CRAZY! I can't believe you guys had that much in April!!

The Foulgers said...

I hadn't checked your blog in a while. I can't believe you got that much snow! I have to say I started busting up when I saw that Josh was shoveling snow in shorts! Is he crazy?

docswife1 said...

WOW that was AMAZING!!! I'd totally be out there eating it!!!