Saturday, April 11, 2009

Jake is 8!

We are so excited that our Jacob is a great big 8 year old!

He was clearly on a MAJOR sugar high in this picture but he was having so much fun!

Even our little Kolby had a blast cruising around the skating rink.

Jake was super exited about his Star Wars cake. ( He wasn't too sure about the trick candles though)

This was his reaction to watching the music video of the Macarena (or however you spell it) But I thought his look was priceless!

We had Jake's birthday party at  the local roller skating rink Classic Skating.  It is one of Jake's favorite places to go and ride his scooter. Yes! His scooter. He is not too crazy about the idea of actually "skating" around the rink, and he is really good at riding on his scooter. When we got there, the kids just totally disappeared in all directions, and didn't see them again until it was time for pizza. You would not believe how fast 2 giant 16 piece pizzas can be gone! They were hungry kids! After that, they got some tokens and played on the games while we got the cake ready to eat.  After a quick song of "Happy Birthday" and some fun blowing out the candles 5 or 6 times, we devoured the yummy cake and he opened his gifts. By then the party was winding down but not before the D.J.  put the spotlight on Jake in the middle of the skating rink and let him skate around for a bit to his favorite song. . . The Star Wars theme!!!! Thanks to all who were there to help us celebrate this special day with us. We are sure to remember it for a long time!


Thomas Family said...

yeh!! great age to turn :) Happy Birthday Jake!! I guess your baptism is around the corner. Congrats. :)

The Foulgers said...

Happy Birthday Jake. 8 is great! I'm glad he had a fun birthday. That is awesome he got to skate to the Star Wars theme.

Texas Turleys said...

Happy Birthday Jake! What a fun 8th birthday party. The cake looked really yummy too!

Matt's Blog said...

Happy Birthday Jake!

Karen said...

That sounds awesome. I'm glad it was a fun day for all of you!