Sunday, October 12, 2008


All smiles as we waited to be called back.

Kind of blurry but here is the piece of tooth that Josh found.

Our dentist office is so fun! he got to play Lego Star Wars as he was being seen!! LUCKY!!!

So! Last weekend we were invited up to the Snowbird Ski Resort with some friends. We were so excited to go because we knew the kids would have blast and we were looking forward to going swimming up there and do all the fun rides they have around the resort like the alpine slide, the zip line, tram rides etc. And THAT is what I WISH I would be blogging about. But! Instead, Mother Nature had other plans for the weather and it rained/snowed the whole time we were up there! So in the end, we got to do NONE of the fun rides and ended up just playing around in the hotel rooms. Well, including the kids, there were 11 of us cooped up in doors, so we decided to get outside and go up to the Tram area and just see if they were still offering rides, even with the weather being bad. On our way up there, the other kids tell me Jake is crying and I look at him covering his mouth thinking he bumped his lip or something. Anyway, he moves his hand and my eyes get about the size of softballs! He had slipped and hit his mouth against one of the benches, and one of his front teeth was broken off a little more than half way!! A PERMANENT ONE!!! After making sure he was ok, we go over to where he did it and Josh bends down and finds the piece that broke off! We hurry back down to the room and I call our dentist, and he says if I cant see the nerve (which I couldn't) then try to enjoy the weekend and come see him on Monday. So here we are at the office, awaiting the dentist to see if there is any long lasting permanent damage. Thankfully, there was no nerve or root damage!! WOOHOO!!! He has to get a small temporary cap put on it for now and then when he gets older, they will do a permanent cap of some kind. He was a brave boy through it all and was mostly scared of what the DENTIST was going to do to him rather than his own tooth being gone!! Silly, silly toothless Jake!!!


Thomas Family said...

Oh my word Mandi! That would freak me out, because it is his permanent tooth! I am so glad he is ok, he is so cute. Well, at least you got a good story to tell out of the trip, eh?

Texas Turleys said...

Poor guy! I am glad he is ok. He looks really happy at the Dentists office. :) I wish I had that kind of setup at my Dentists office when I was little! :)

Birrell Family said...

Dentists sure have changed through the years. Star Wars? One day they will be serving us a full meal and offer to walk our pet too. He is lucky to not have root damage and walk away with a big enough chunk to impress the tooth fairy. She did come didn't she?

Amy said...

Poor kiddo! It must be a boy things. We had to get Isaac's 2 front teeth fixed a few months ago due to a bike accident.