Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fall decorations!!!

They were so proud of their pumpkins.


Pretending they were witches flying around on a broom. So cute!

They were so excited to put spiders on the webs.

Ooohhh spooky huh?

It's that time of year again to put up our fall/Halloween decorations. We have a few little scare crows in the yard and one big one in front of the door. Every year, we like to get the cute little bales of hay to put our pumpkins on next to the big scarecrow. We don't usually put up the spider webs around the yard but, our neighbors went NUTS this year with Halloween decorations so we had to kind of at least TRY to keep up with them! And the boys had a great time deciding where the icky spiders should go. Jake was very particular about his spider placement and Kolby just thought they looked so scary. But we are so excited that this time of year is finally here!! We love you Autumn!!


Thomas Family said...

You have patient kids! Our decorations were up right when the first of the month hit. :) My kids were so excited and I was so tired of them asking all of September long so we gave in once October came around. We'll see how long we can hold them off for Christmas decorating. Your boys are so cute! I love the pictures of them by the door! The decorations look great!!! Have a Great Halloween :)

Texas Turleys said...

Very cool decorations! If we put pumpkins out now they shrivel! We carved them 2 days before Halloween last year and they were a mess! I love the scarecrow!

Leah said...

Decorating is so fun!! (It's the clean up that isn't)

Luscious Lavenders said...

Nice mom of you to HAVE Halloween decorations... Every year my kids are like "How come we dont have halloween stuff to put out on our house?" Thats when I change the subject :D I just dont like the clean up.