Monday, October 12, 2009

School Carnival Aftermath

So, last week was the boyz' school fundraising carnival. They always get so excited to go and play games and win dinky little prizes and all sorts of candy. But this year, the thing they were the MOST excited about was having their faces and hair painted.They would have spent ALL their tickets on that if they could! Kolby had me spike his hair up so the color would look extra cool. He chose purple and orange and so did Jake, but you can't really see it too well on his hair. However, Jake was thrilled to get 2 ghosts put on his forehead. (why he chose that spot I have no idea) And Kolby chose to have 2 bats put on his cheeks. I am a slacker of course and forgot to bring the camera to the actual carnival itself, but you get the idea right? At the end of the day, the bathtub water was an amazing shade of something funky, and the boys once again resembled my clean, little, yummy smelling, regular colored people!!
What a fun day!


Karen said...

Your boys are so handsome. I'm glad they had a fun time!

Thomas Family said...

I love Kolbys cheeser smile!! SO CUTE! Glad they had fun. :)

Birrell Family said...

It took me awhile to figure out those were ghosts. At first I thought they were stitches. I miss the carnival days at Suncrest Elementary, our kids had so much fun and I can see the good times continue on :)

Carrie said...

I just read Pebbles' blog and you guys are having a GIRL?? AWESOME! I'm so excited for you! I just KNEW there was a little diva up there waiting for you guys to see the light and have another child :) Are you still thinking of the name Kennedy? You are going to love having a little girl so much and Josh--just you wait. She will have you wrapped around her finger like nothing else. She is going to be beautiful!!!! Congratulations! love you guys! Carrie

PS we're coming to UT for Thanksgiving and will be in the SLC/Provo area November 23, 24, and the morning of Nov 25. I would love to see you guys somehow and have you meet Ruby! :)