Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy trails!!

I was doing my best at helping him hit a can or two, and we did it!!

Like father like son. Kolby can't get enough of shooting with the big boyz. (Even if his gun isn't real.)

Josh and the boyz. What could be better than dirt, grass, mountains, 4 wheelers and guns???

We never seem to remember to ask someone to take our picture so here we are again in our "pose". Better than nothing right???

Eating lunch at our "spot" with Grandma.  ( I was checking out the carbs on the cookies) Ya gotta have cookies!!! 

One of our families favorite things to do is to go with Grandma and Grandpa on the 4 wheeler and Rhino for a day of riding, lunch and shooting! Josh and I drove the 4 wheeler, and the kids were lucky enough to ride in the back of the Rhino with the Grandparents, complete with big fluffy pillows and cozy blankets to keep them all comfy.  We always have an amazing time just riding for a while, then stopping off somewhere to eat a little lunch. This time, the boyz brought their BB guns and shot at anything made of metal or plastic until there was nothing left. Grandpa even brought out his bigger guns and shredded a few cans too. There was a stream nearby, and we had a great time throwing rocks in and making huge splashes, and throwing big sticks in and watching them go under the bridge and down the stream.  Then, we got back on and continued riding out the other side of the little canyon where we crossed the road and had ice cream sandwiches at a little "mountain market".  After hanging out there for a bit,  it was time to go so we jumped back on the trail and headed back.  There is nothing like a day of riding with Grandma and Grandpa. So fun and so relaxing being up in the mountains with the ones we love. Can't wait to do it again soon!


Thomas Family said...

I love the picture of you and your boys!! SO CUTE! Look like you had so much fun! My kids saw this and asked why I don't let them go shooting guns and I said that you were a nicer momma than I am. lol :) As Jeremiah walked away he said that even though it looked fun he better not because he could shoot his eye out. I laughed thinking that he thinks he would not be supervised or something. Your kids look so cute with the "ear phones" on. Sounds like a great time was had!! Miss ya.

{leah} said...

4-wheelers, fun, guns, dirt, adn boys, what more can you ask for?

Texas Turleys said...

You guys are such awesome parents! What a fun day! I love your "pose"!

Christy said...

That sounds like so much fun! We want to go with you next time! :)