Friday, May 15, 2009


What more could we ask for? A nice night, amazing view, Twilight, and a nice cozy fire!

Kolby was, of course, right next to daddy getting things ready.

Two of a kind.

I had to get a shot of Josh's little "perfect fire". It never ceases to amaze me how perfectly Josh can do things! Love ya hun!

What a night! The weather up here is finally getting nice enough so that we can do one of our families favorite things. Sit outside in the back yard and have a fire! We look forward to the weekends especially because we get to snuggle up together and watch a movie, or just enjoy our view while staying warm by the fire. The boyz absolutely LOVE to be able to help Josh get things ready. And when he gets ready to light it, they both come running and get all excited when the flame "wooshes" out at them. ( Thanks to a little help from gasoline!) Then the relaxing begins! { Well, for Josh and me.} The boys usually don't last all the way through the movie no matter what we try to watch. Jake usually ends up inside playing video games, and Kolby usually ends up sleeping in our laps. And, by the time we are done, the blankets, their jammies our clothes and my hair STINK like campfire! But  we can't wait until the next time when we can do it all again!!! Life is good!!!


The Nunes' said...

That looks like the PERFECT night... what an amazing view! And I'm so jealous, it's already way too hot here for any fun fires like that!

Birrell Family said...

Summer movie nights outside are the best!!! Your swings look extra comfy!

Karen said...

We love to do that too! I wish we still had nice weather like you guys though, and your yard looks so pretty!

Amy said...

Oh the possibilities of summertime fun! Looks like you guys found a great one!

Thomas Family said...

I love the smell of campfire!!! We did that exact thing in Feb, at Adam and Kates house with the swings and everything. I loved it!!! Now it is too hot to be outside enjoying anything. :) Oh the joys of Az summers BUT I love it!!!

Matt's Blog said...

Ahh yes...the counted upon "Scout Water." Josh did pay attention during scouting.