Sunday, April 20, 2008


The Mackey and Fower families took off for a long weekend of four wheeling and fun.

As you can see we enjoy experimenting with a little pyrotechnics.

Click! Our traditional photo of holding the camera in front of us. We do this every place we go. Thank goodness for sun hats and bandannas.

We had a perfect camping spot with plenty of climbing and views.

So much to see and such little time. Here Jake poses in front of a dinosaur foot print.

We got around the canyons and trails on Grandpa and Grandma's four wheelers.

It was amazing to see the history behind this area. Here's a sample of names of some of the workers at Railroad Rock. The railroad was supposed to come through this area but later abandoned.

This was one of the coolest things in the world! This cave was what was to be NORAD, which is now located in Colorado. This picture does no justice to its shear size. After 4 to 5 years of drilling, they tested the strength if it by placing dynamite on top. BOOM! As you can see by the hole in the ceiling it wasn't quite as strong as they expected it to be.

Josh went with his niece down one of the side tunnels. SCARY!

Kolby about drove us nuts with wanting to go on rides. Grandpa was always willing to take him out. Both of them are four wheeling maniacs!

This old truck was by a mine that also had a vintage Caterpillar tractor and an abandoned cabin.

Where there's water, you'll find the Mackey's.

The boys threw rocks in the river for a good hour, soaking their pants, (why they are in their underwear) and were bummed when we had to leave.

Poor Grandpa and Grandma. By the time the trip was over Jake had scratched their four wheeler with a rock, their Ford Explorer got a puncture in the bumper from trying to turn around on a small road, and a flat on their trailer. After all of this they still love us and said we need to go again. Through the hot sun, cold nights, complaining kids, wind, and vehicle casualties, we wouldn't trade any of it for the fun and memories we made. Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for inviting us and making it absolutely wonderful!


robandsasha said...

Cute blog, guys! Great way to catch up with you, although we should get together also! Hope you are doing well, looks like you had a very fun Spring Break. :)

docswife2004 said...

Awe what a great blog! I felt like I was RIGHT THERE with you!!! Excellent pictures!!! You're quite the photographer!!

bslavender said...

whats up girl! Awsome you bloggin' now!